Our story

The adventure with the Arabian horses started with the horseback rides organized by Francis a bit all over the world. We met on horsebacks in 1969. The magazines wrote about our travels and breeders confided their stallions for promotion. In 1976, a great endurance race took place: The Great American Horse Race, 5000 km, 100 days, from New York to Sacramento. Francis took the race with a thoroughbred Arabian mare called Wassana from the Mac Abercrombie Stud in Atlanta, Georgia. He finished second in the category of equestrians who took the race with one horse only and 23rd in the overall ranking. This experience bound us to the thoroughbred Arabian horse.


Since this moment, we knew what we would expect from an Arabian horse. We finished our travels, founded two companies and worked for eight years without approaching to any horses, neither from a distant point of view nor in proximity to a horse, only with the big aim to be able to found our own stud in the most objective way possible. In 1987, the time had come. Our first foal, Azziz de Gargassan was born 1988. When he was sold to the French National Stud, his selling price broke records. Later, he was awarded to be one of the seven french elite stallions in endurance.

A year after the birth of our first colt Azziz, we purchased our own first stallion NA Colt (Warandes Plakat x Hamira von Euben). His pedigree resembled the one of Azziz. At the age of two, he became vice world champion in show. The line of Gargassan had started to become known. Our ambition? Charismatic, friendly horses with beautiful, efficient movements. To be short: To give birth to the horses of our dreams.


About 80 champion and vice champion awards later, amongst others two vice world championships (NA Colt and Papouchka) und a silver medal of the world equestrian games in Sartilly thanks to Nicolas Ballarin and Lemir de Gargassan, our horses and their owners are still our best ambassaders. 

About our horses


We founded the stud in 1987 with three mares and a filly who built up the foundation:

Nefretete (Pentagon x Nephras by Neptun) from the Netherlands. She gave birth to great descendants for the race track, Clip, Harry and Eazy de Gargassan. Amongst others she is the mother of Jazzy de Gargassan, an endurance mare of high level who was sold to Spain.

Durra (Saher x Hamdi by Halef) was born on the well known stud of Weil-Marbach.

She gave birth to Azziz de Gargassan ****,  our first foal. Besides this, she is the mother of Emira de Gargassan – also champion in show and thereby granddam of Lemir de Gargassan, very successful in endurance.

The third mare was Ghazala (Marzouck x Aischa by Dahman), who can call Baine and Defi de Gargassan her direct descendants, both mares were successful in show. The filly was no less than NA Copala, the future mother to Ekla, Gold, ... de Gargassan. A few years later, we purchased together with „Mas de Lafon“ Devitsa, who finally gave birth to Papouchka. 



NA Colt (Warandes Plakat x Hamira by Euben) was purchased as a colt when we first purchased our mares. His movements and charisma were awarded with the title of vice world champion at age two. Besides many awards he was father to the first generations of mares „made in Gargassan“, amongst others Defi, Emira, Baine, .. De Gargassan. Vladimir de Falgas: pure russian line (Vatican x Lana von Neman) with further for us essential attributes was the second stallion to purchase. Likewise, he became international champion  and father to other champions.

Ali Mabrouk: our third stalllion, egyptian line (Ali Zafir x Bint Mabrouk by Mabrouk),                                         

imported in 1996 from Texas. He was taller than the other, had a great solid back and good shoulders. Afterwards, our own stallions were born: Gold de Gargassan (Neral x NA Copala by Warandes Plakat),  remarkable                       

stallion with exceptional gentle temper, brother to Ekla de Gargassan.

Nabab de Gargassan (Ali Mabrouk x NA Copala by Warandes Plakat) manifested to become one of the core pieces of our breed.

Raswan de Gargassan (Vladimir de Falgas x Must de Gargassan by NA Colt), our „Pegasus“ who is expected to breed in 2017 for the first time. 



Vladimir de Falgas

Gold de Gargassan

NA Colt

Nabab de Gargassan

Ali Mabrouk

Raswan de Gargassan

1. Alphabet of Horses (1988-2011)

1988 A like: Azziz de Gargassan

1989 B like: Baïne de Gargassan

1990 C like: Clip de Gargassan

1991 D like: Defi de Gargassan

1992 E like: Emira ou Ekla de Gargassan  

1993 F like: First de Gargassan

1994 G like: Gold de Gargassan or G like Papouchka

1995 H like: Hamy de Gargassan

1996 I like: Iff de Gargassan

1997 J like: Jazzy de Gargassan

1998 K like: King de Gargassan

1999 L like: Lemir de Gargassan

2000 M like: Must de Gargassan

2001 N like: Natif  et Nabab de Gargassan

2002 O like: Oman de Gargassan

2003 P like: Prince de Gargassan

2004 Q like: Qaly de Gargassan

2005 R like: Raswan de Gargassan

2006 S like: Sheyk de Gargassan

2007 T like: Tooyou  ou Tonik de Gargassan

2008 U like: Uzele de Gargassan

2009 V like: Vatou de Gargassan

2010 W like: Wassana de Gargassan

2011 X,Y,Z like: Yalha and Zizou de Gargassan

2. Alphabet of Horses (2019-)

2019 A like: Amir de Gargassan


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